Welcome to SiskiyouBirds.org.

Come one, come all, step right up, step right up.  SiskiyouBirds.org is up and ready and raring to go.  As detailed over here, we hope to be a resource for not only information about the fantastic variety of birds in the Siskiyou Mountains, but also about birdwatching in general.  Enthusiasts rather than experts, we hope there is going to be something for everyone at all levels of this activity.  So bookmark us, tell your friends and make checking out this website a part of your daily ritual.  I can’t promise you there will be something new here every day, in fact I promise you there more than likely won’t be.  However we’re trying our level best to give you all the information you can digest.  Which is probably a lot.

Thanks for stopping by, drop us an email if you like, or just come back around when you feel like it.  We’ll be here.